Tuition Assistance Program 

Tacoma Waldorf School believes that a Waldorf Education should be financially accessible to any family. To the extent that our funds permit, financial aid is available to families who are able to establish financial need through the Tuition Adjustment Program (TAP) and whose child/ren are enrolled in a 5-day Kindergarten program and above.

TAP does not cover the Application Fee, Commitment Fee, Tuition Deposit, nor does it cover costs that arise during the school year, such as musical instruments, field trips or other incidentals. TAP cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts.

TAP does not automatically renew each year. If you wish to receive financial assistance for the next school year, you must complete an application annually during re-enrollment. All financial aid information received will be treated confidentially.

All admission decisions are made independently of the financial aid process. The families of incoming students should apply for aid during Step 2 of the Application Process.

Should I apply for TAP?

TWS recognizes that the primary responsibility for financing a student’s Waldorf Education rests with his or her family. For most families meeting this financial commitment takes planning and effort. There are no set guidelines that we can offer to help you decide whether to apply for financial aid. The best way to determine your eligibility is to submit an application and proceed through the process. Each family’s circumstances are different and many other factors beyond income are taken into consideration when making financial aid awards.

General Award Guidelines

A financial analysis is conducted through Smart Tuition, our tuition management company. This is the primary information used in determining financial aid awards. However, the school uses these results only as a guideline.

How do I apply for TAP?

New Families: A Smart Tuition Aid Application form may be completed during Step 2 of the Admissions Process. Complete the Smart Tuition Aid Application, and submit application fee on-line and fax any necessary paperwork to Smart Tuition for processing.

Returning Families: A Smart Tuition Aid Application Form (see Admissions Process page for forms) must be completed annually by February 14 to be considered for a TAP award before open enrollment begins March 1. Complete the Smart Tuition Aid Application, submit application fee online and fax any necessary paperwork to Smart Tuition for processing.

Submit the completed Enrollment Contract (leaving tuition fields blank) and Commitment Fee to the school office. TAP applications are processed in batches. All paperwork must be completed by February 14 to be eligible in the first batch. All future batches will be processed during open enrollment and your child’s space cannot be guaranteed. (If the TAP award does not meet your financial needs for enrolling, an exception will be made and your Commitment fee will be refunded).

All Families: Each application is coded and reviewed by SMART tuition with recommendations for tuition award amounts and returned for evaluation to TWS for the TAP Committee to review. The TAP Committee will then determine each family’s TAP award. Applicants are notified of the award decision through an award letter within three to four weeks.

If the applicant chooses to accept their award amount they are asked to come to the school office to complete a Smart Tuition Form and complete the Enrollment Contract reflecting the new tuition rate within 5 days of receipt of their award letter. The award is forfeited if a signed enrollment contract and Smart Tuition Form are not returned to the school within this time period.

How can I get more information?

If you decide to apply for financial aid or you have any questions or need assistance with the financial aid application process, please contact the TWS office by phone at 253.383.8711 or by email at