Snow Days

Snow Days, Inclement Weather, Storms, Power Outages, etc.

Tacoma Waldorf School (TWS) follows the Tacoma Public Schools (TPS) decisions of school closures or late arrivals. You may:

• Go to the Tacoma Public Schools (hyperlink above)

• Go to

• Call 253-571-1000

• Watch TV channels 4, 5, 7 & 13

• Listen to the radio – 710 AM, 1000 AM or 97.3 FM

Following Descriptions

TPS closed – TWS closed
TPS 1 hour late arrival – TWS 1 hour late arrival, Early Childhood & Grades
TPS 2 hour late arrival – TWS 2 hour late arrival, Early Childhood & Grades

Morning Care will be cancelled if there is late arrival.

Morning Care and Afternoon Care are not available during school closures.